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Commercial Insurance in NY and NJ including Rochester, Penfield and Poughkeepsie

When you start your own business to work for yourself, you know the harder that you work the more money you will make. As a business owner you have to make difficult decisions about your expenses. One of those decisions is the amount of risk you are willing to take on yourself. Some risk may seem acceptable, while others are unacceptable because a loss would seriously harm your business and may even cause you to close down.

A Commercial Insurance policy would transfer that risk to an insurance company. There are many different kinds of insurance policies available to the business owner, and many policies can be tailored to fit your needs. 

At 2001 Central Insurance Agency, we will work with you and make sure you have the proper insurance coverage that not only protects your great investment in your business, but that you can afford.

Why do businesses need Property and Casualty Insurance? 

  • Protect their assets
  • Replace property damages by loss or theft
  • Provide for lost income
  • Cover liability for negligent acts
  • Provide coverage for auto, workers' compensation, crime, etc.
Business owners know there is only so much money coming in the doors at any given time. The increased burden of a large property loss or lawsuit would devastate a small business owner. The proper insurance policy would relieve the business owner of that responsibility. Own a livery business? We even offer special taxi & livery insurance policies. Make sure that you have the right coverage for your business. Contact us today to discuss your coverage options.
2001 Central Insurance Agency offers many types of coverage to our clients. 
The following are just an example of what is available.
  • Business Owners Policy (BOP)
  • Monoline Policies
  • Property (Back, Broad and Special terms)
  • Casualty
  • Business Interruption
  • Commercial Auto
  • Workers' Compensation
  • New York State Disability
  • Excess Liability
  • Directors & Officers
  • Professional Liability
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