Life Insurance

Life Insurance in NY and NJ including Rochester, Penfield and Poughkeepsie

In an effort to provide our valued clients the best possible service, we now offer Life Insurance and Investment Services.

Today's Life Insurance policies are far different then they used to be. Years ago, policies only provided benefits in the event of your death. However, current Life Insurance policies are more complex and can now offer you a competitive rate of return - in most cases higher than your local banks. In addition, it's tax free!

Consider these other benefits that Life Insurance can provide:

  • Helps in covering Long Term Care needs
  • Provides funds for college education
  • Used for business continuation plans
  • Offers supplemental retirement plans
Investment Services
With today's stock market roller coaster, many people are shying away from investments. This is unfortunate, as there are many investments that have shown positive returns this year. We can even offer guarantees on your investments!
Consider these opportunities:
  • IRAs
  • Tax Free Investments
  • Investments with guarantee of principle and interest
  • Fixed guaranteed annuities at 3%
  • Tax-Deferred investments
Take the time to meet with our Certified Financial Planner to have a no obligation analysis performed. Call us today!
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